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I say cheating because I'm supposed to be presenting you with my ideas. However, this is something I dug up because it's the best-looking of the bacon-maple-muffin variety. It has oatmeal in it, which will make it more substantial (and the oats maybe ameliorate some of the bacon? Maybe?) I will skinny this up later, have no fear. Right now I'm thinking good, honest-to-goodness uncured turkey bacon, maple sugar and whole wheat flour, maybe some whole, raw sugar as well. As it is, I think Rob's chef might say that it's everything that's wrong with American cuisine. We have no restraint. But damn, it tastes good.

Maple Bacon Oatmeal Muffins

I will share with you a conglomeration of the ways to make candied bacon. This one worked pretty well for me. I only had thin bacon on hand, though, so watch your cook time if that's the case. These came out black but still surprisingly tasty. You want them to be more of a coffee brown.

Now that I've said all that? Here we go. Get as much thick-sliced bacon as you want to use. Get a pan of brown sugar. Less is best to start with, so you don't contaminate a whole bag and only end up using half. I suppose you could use the brown sugar, though, to make the muffins? Anyway. You have to mash the bacon down into the sugar. Really cake it on there, then give it a light wiggle when you pull it out. Lay the bacon strips on a wire rack. Bake at 350 for about 20-30 minutes, less if it's thin-cut. They will still be floppy when you pull them out; it's okay. They turn into solid sticks of bacony goodness soon enough.

Let cool. If you eat this straight out of the oven, it's like licking a volcano. You WILL hurt yourself. There, that's your bacon safety PSA for the day. If desired, crumble when cool and sprinkle atop the uncooked batter with a little maple sugar before you bake your muffins.
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