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Oh, my goodness. Adapted from this recipe right here, because you know I can't leave well enough alone.

Easy Aioli (garlic spread) )

I basted it over tilapia fillets and broiled, and have also mixed it with some pre-boiled and diced potatoes that I am going to cook for tomorrow, probably also broiling for a little crispness. NOM.
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This is a recipe whose inception came out of Texas Cooking. It's about the only thing I use from that book, to be honest; I set the book down on its spine and it opens to the recipe, complete with notes, alterations and one or two little splatter stains. I have made some adaptations to it as the years have gone by, and it's always a summer favorite around here. We start grilling, the sauce gets made.

Blackjack Barbecue Sauce )

It's interesting: the original recipe called for straining the solids out before using. The first time I posted this (to the newsgroup, ages ago), I posted it with instructions to puree before using, because I see no reason to lose all of that oniony and garlicky goodness. When I search the web for this recipe, some of the alterations I originally posted are in supposedly original versions.

Our primary application is on pork ribs, but it's also excellent on beef ribs or chicken. More on how I do my ribs in another post. You could also brush this onto a nice fat portobello mushroom and broil or grill. Mmm.


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